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smiley-163510_960_720Cue Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” A new report reveals insights on the mindsets, motivations, and behaviors of today’s mobile gamers — including what makes them happy.

The research was done by Tapjoy, a leading mobile monetization and engagement platform. Its in-depth research was designed to shed light on this massive and desirable consumer audience for brand advertisers.

“The report is the first of its kind to answer questions such as how games make players feel, when they most frequently play mobile games, and whether or not they identify as gamers,” said Tapjoy in a release to media.

A main finding from the report — “The Changing Face of Mobile Gamers: What Brands Need to Know” —  is that consumers are twice as likely to say they feel relaxed when playing mobile games than they are when using social apps.

Survey respondents also admitted to feeling more focused (35 percent vs 11 percent), happier (34 percent vs 21 percent), and more engaged (35 percent vs 20 percent) on gaming apps than social networking apps. These consumers said they are “2.4 times more likely to feel bored on social apps than gaming apps, and 60 percent more likely to feel stressed.”

“When designing their digital advertising strategies, it’s critical that brands take into consideration the activities that consumers are engaged in at the time and how they make them feel,” said Shannon Jessup, chief revenue officer of Tapjoy. “There are nearly 2 billion mobile gamers in the world, and the unique state of mind consumers have when playing games on their smartphones or tablets represents an incredible opportunity for brands to truly connect with consumers.”

Interestingly, women represent the majority of mobile gamers, making up 63 percent of the total player base. As for the popular games? Puzzle games rank most popular, played by 59 percent of respondents. Strategy (38 percent), Trivia (33 percent) and Casino/Card (27 percent) games were next on the list. The least popular games are Player-vs-Player (15 percent), Sports (11 percent) and Shooting (8 percent).

To download the full report, go here.

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