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AppsFlyer Debuts Inaugural Ad Revenue Attribution Solution for Mobile AppsBrands that want to become famous might want to check out Famous.

Famous is an SaaS-powered Instant App platform that merges the power of native apps with the mobile web. The firm has designed a robust new way to reach customers in the form of a new Software-as-a-Service platform that builds, manages, and measures micro-experiences called “Instant Apps.”

“Prior to Instant Apps, brands seeking to reach customers in an omnichannel world were caught between a rock and a hard place,” according to a company email sent to MAW. “They could link their ad, (and) social or email posts to a native app and see 95 percent of their customers abandon the download, or link to an ineffective mobile website and see conversion drop. With Famous Instant Apps, brands now have a third option: branded experiences that load with zero download friction, powered by an enterprise SaaS platform featuring industry-specific Instant App libraries, campaign management, and analytics that provide deep insight into engagement and conversion.”

It’s an offering that responds to today’s realities, including the fact that there are now more mobile internet users than desktop.

“In fact, 75.1 percent of U.S. internet users access the internet through their mobile phone and 82 percent of smartphone users consult their phones prior to making purchases,” reports the firm in their emailed statement to media. “So while consumers have moved to mobile, well-resourced brands still struggle to find the ROI from their mobile spend.”

As brands seek to create c, Famous Instant Apps offer help to brand marketers who want to create more accessible storylines and authentic connections with consumers.

“Consumers love apps, they just hate that damn download. With Instant Apps, brands can give their customers exactly what they want. Beautiful apps, instantly,” said Famous founder and CEO Steve Newcomb. “We’ve created the ultimate tool for brands and given marketers a SaaS platform that enables them to create, manage and measure their success.”

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