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Facebook is introducing more campaign transparency and predictability with Delivery Insights and Estimated Daily Results.

These are dashboard data troves that help marketers better understand how their ads and campaigns are working and what might be done to tweak them for better performance.

Among the improvements to the redesigned Delivery Insights dashboard is an updated interface that provides in-depth auction metrics and guidance for interpreting fluctuations in performance.

“The tool displays trends in an ad set’s impressions, amount spent, results and cost-per-result as well as auction metrics to explain those trends,” notes Facebook. “Newly-released auction metrics include auction overlap for interpreting whether overlapping audiences between ad sets might be affecting your spend and audience saturation for interpreting whether increased frequency might be contributing to declines in results or cost-per-result.”

Then there’s Estimated Daily Results. That’s where Facebook provides estimates of daily results such as website conversions and video views, factoring in budget and other parameters including audience, bid amount, and placements selections.

The tool is eligible for all optimization goals except product catalog sales, brand awareness optimization, impressions, and store visits. The Estimated Daily Results tools comes in two forms: a budget curve and a slider bar, each providing specific helpful information.

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