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At Facebook’s (mostly) annual F8 global developer conference, the company spent time discussing apps and how marketers can go “beyond the install.”

Notably, Facebook admitted that installs are only half the battle.

“As the app ecosystem evolves, marketers are looking for better ways to get value from their campaigns,” the company noted. “Where the industry once focused on discovery and installs, we now see an emphasis on revenue.”

That jives with a recent Apsalar study which found that 84 percent of app marketers say their performance is based primarily on revenue, not install counts.

At F8, Facebook emphasized its recent work developing ways to help businesses move beyond the install and find people who take valuable actions. It’s an acknowledgment of the value equation for apps.

One option Facebook covered was “app event optimization,” which encourages recognition of events important to businesses, followed by targeting of the people most likely to take relevant actions.

Then there’s “app re-marketing,” which helps companies reengage people who have already installed an app.

“With tools like dynamic ads, you can reach out to your existing customers based on actions they’ve taken in your app—or in some cases, actions they haven’t taken in a while. With the right call to action, you can encourage people to return to your app,” Facebook explained at the conference.

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