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Maybe you’ve noticed how many small businesses in your community have pages and information on Facebook. In fact, it’s becoming an essential facet of small business marketing.

That applies to mobile marketing in a big way. According to Facebook, the social site is now “the mobile solution for 65 million businesses with Pages and 8 million with Profiles on Instagram.”

“We need to provide solutions for businesses so customers can learn more about their products, visit websites, download an app, or even send messages,” the company says. “We’re proud of our online community of small businesses and want to make connecting with customers as easy as possible.”

To that end, there have been changes on Facebook and Instagram so that small businesses can manage their ads and get insights in just a few taps. Updates to the app allows small business owners to check and see how ads for Pages are performing, or peruse snapshots of how an ad account performed this week compared to the previous week.

The small business-oriented changes also come with recommendations for improvement.

“The app now recommends actions you can take to increase ad performance—and makes it easy for you to do so in one click,” notes Facebook. “For example, we’ll notify you when a high performing ad (compared to your other similar ads) is about to end and give you a one-click option to extend the schedule for another one, three or seven days.”

Notifications about recently-ended, high-performing ads (along with a one-click option to duplicate the ads) is another recent feature.

Facebook is also promoting its “Mobile Studio,” which helps businesses create better ads using only a mobile device, as well as the Facebook Small Business Council, where owners can get ideas from other owners and communities.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll want to read Facebook’s latest post here.

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