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Money in your handsInstart Logic, a leading provider of next-generation solutions to make mobile applications and websites faster and more secure, is now teaming up with Blue Triangle Technologies.

The tech and business partnership with Blue Triangle, a cutting-edge website performance management and monitoring solution, will extend the capabilities of Instart Logic’s endpoint-aware application delivery solution into the world of real-time performance management and monitoring.

“In a digital-first world, and especially in e-commerce, it’s increasingly imperative to correlate real-time digital performance with actual revenue being transacted and at risk because slow digital performance results in shopper abandonment and millions of dollars lost annually,” explained the company in a media release.

Many enterprises, especially the Internet Retailer Top 500, are increasingly motivated to improve user experience and retain customers. However, most current real user monitoring (RUM) solutions focus only on measuring performance over time (not real-time insights). The partnership between Instart Logic and Blue Triangle is designed to address this critical technology lapse.

“In today’s day and age, enterprises understand the critical need to monetize application performance across multiple digital channels: desktop, mobile, and native applications,” said Samrah Khan, vice president of business development at Instart Logic. “Many legacy solutions fail at providing the top-line metrics enterprises need in real time to make the right decisions and make them fast.”

Key features of the Instart Logic and Blue Triangle joint solution include the ability to:

  • Identify and fix specific performance issues impacting revenue and customer experience.
  • Continually monitor page views and user sessions to better understand customer behavior.
  • Manage web performance in real time and attribute revenue to performance changes.

“Instart Logic and Blue Triangle are committed to providing an end-to-end platform that delivers the highest ROI for enterprises,” said Lance Ullom, CEO of Blue Triangle Technologies. “(Our partnership) combines a best-in-class application performance solution with our unique, revenue-focused performance management and monitoring solution.”

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