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industry-executives-react-to-adblock-plus-and-their-new-ad-exchangeAdblock Plus — the bane of many publishers today — keeps working on its methodology as the gatekeeper between ads and people. And it’s ticking off more than a few ad industry giants this week (and rightfully so, they say).

The company has been working on its revamped Acceptable Ads Platform and believes the changes will “redefine RTB and help small websites.”

“Acceptable Ads is a process, not a destination. We’ve been tinkering with it, trying to get it just right – so that, in my own words that you’re probably totally sick of hearing, we make a ‘compromise between users and advertisers,’” noted company spokesperson Ben Williams in a recent post.

The two key elements the firm has been working on recently include opening the policy of Acceptable Ads and improving the process of getting whitelisted through the Acceptable Ads initiative.

Now comes major news about the whitelisting process.

For starters, AdBlocker worked with publisher platform-provider ComboTag to build “what will be known as the Acceptable Ads Platform, an interactive platform that lets publishers and bloggers choose from a marketplace of pre-whitelisted ads that they can drag and drop onto their sites.”

This will reportedly cut the whitelisting process from weeks to seconds —with publishers merely activating via a single line of code.

But the bigger news may be the revamped feedback mechanism.

“The AAP will offer a feedback mechanism embedded in each ad, which will let you say whether you thought that particular ad was great, good, bad or complete sh#t,” explains Williams. “This feedback will then figure into which ads get selected on a live auction.”

This change “sets the stage for the second AAP benefit, making the real-time bidding process (RTB) better by making it more human.”

This week, MAW connected with Andrew Gerhart, COO of AerServ, to discuss what Adblock Plus is up to.

“I’m encouraged to see that Google and Appnexus have publicly taken a stance against Adblock Plus and their new ad exchange, as they’ve announced that they won’t participate,” Gerhart said in a statement emailed to MAW. “ I hope that others follow suit, and we want no part of it either.”

“I have always believed that ad blockers are a bad solution, a short term hack, to the current issues,” he adds. “There’s no question that the industry needs to tackle users’ concerns around latency, poor creatives, targeting and re-targeting, and excessive use of ads.  It will take collaboration from all parties to make the significant changes needed.  But I am hopeful that we can do that, and I am also encouraged that the mobile in-app environment is not plagued by the same issues as the desktop and mobile-web environments.”

“With their new ad exchange,” Gerhart concludes, “I would expect Adblock Plus will lose some of their users based on the comments I’ve been reading. Charging advertisers a fee to whitelist their ads was already off-putting and akin to extortion.  Starting an ad exchange on top of that takes it to another level.”

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