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Exclusive Ad Hunter to Take Aim at Irrelevant Mobile AdsAd Hunter, a social game/app that allows mobile users to delete “annoying” and irrelevant ads on their favorite apps and mobile websites, isn’t set to officially launch until CES in Las Vegas next week, but the app’s creator connected with NativeMobile for an exclusive interview this week and a comprehensive look at the forthcoming release.

Ad Hunter, which is also being showcased at the CES Wall of Apps (for in-person demos) and competing for best App honors in the Mobile Apps Showdown, is the brain child of Oz Nakash.

Nakash says he and his colleagues “wanted to create a fun, interactive and social way for mobile users to eliminate irrelevant and annoying ads by working in conjunction with their friends to improve the app and browsing experience.”

“Too much of our time is spent avoiding ads and too much of the real estate on our small smartphone screens is taken up by obtrusive ads,” he says. “Ad Hunter gives mobile users a chance to fight back to ensure content, not ads, fill our screens.”

In short, Ad Hunter gamers, acting as ad bounty hunters, will “build an ad hunting agency,” subsequently recruiting their friends as agents who can earn “golden coins” for each ad that is hunted. In this case, “hunted” means disabled.

By tapping and holding any banner or overlay in apps or websites, users are effectively hunting the ad and sending it to “jail,” winning rewards in the process that can be redeemed as “bounty rewards.”

On Monday, when we connected with Nakash, we had one burning question above all others: Do you believe the increasing relevance and effective targeting of mobile ads will mitigate consumer disdain for mobile ads or will your product be as needed in the future as it is today?

“We truly haven’t seen ads evolve that much in the past 15 years, and we hope that five years from now, we will achieve a significant progress to make them social,” Nakash tells NativeMobile. “The Web is free thanks to the advertising industry, and we think it’s great. We want to make the Web a better place as well, a place where people see less ads, but when they do see some, they need to be more relevant and useful, ads from people they trust.”

“On top of it,” the app’s creator explained in our exclusive chat, “ads in apps will always be a compromise. As a publisher, or app owner, you would like to have your users focusing on your clean content rather than ads that takes you out of the app. While the ads business is inflating, app owners are thirsty for a new monetization model instead of just increasing the number of ads the user gets in a session. That’s where Ad Hunter is stepping in and being disruptive.”

And what about native ads?

‎”Ad Hunter will support native ads as well,” Nakash tells us. “We are planning to invest time with app owners and introduce more tools to increase monetization and still keep the user engaged.”

To learn more about Ad Hunter for iOS, click here.

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