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It’s no secret. Consumers are losing patience with many marketing techniques — including the pop-ups, auto-plays, and other ad formats that people find annoying.

The sales and marketing experts at Australian firm Event!t Pty believe marketers should listen to consumers and change up their ads as needed.

“Event!t Pty’s report on research from The Coalition for Better Ads, looking into the ever-increasing dominance of pop up and large sticky ads online, concluded that brands using them (especially those with alert sounds) were least effective and damaging to the brand,” notes the company’s official word.

Another no-no? The report’s analysis of mobile user experiences concluded that ads taking up more than 30 percent of the screen create negative feelings toward the ad and often cause the consumer “to disengage with the brand.”

“Event!t Pty recommends brands consider reshaping their online advertising strategies,” according to DJ. “Damaging online relationships with consumers can cause lasting damage and turn off customers to future marketing attempts.”

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