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Even When It Could Help, Mobile App Users Turn Noses Up at Location SharingThere’s been enough talk about privacy and security that mobile users are growing a little wary of sharing too much information.

That goes double for location data, highly prized by advertisers who are increasingly zoning into specific location info to target marketing appeals. Many mobile users are “just saying no.”

“For many, that means not using location services at all, potentially diminishing their mobile experiences,” according to an eMarketer report.

The research comes from mobile location services provider Skyhook Wireless. The company revealed that “U.S, mobile app users are more likely to turn on location services for weather apps than for any other category — but even then, when the utility of location-sharing is obvious, 35 percent of app users refuse to do so.”

Other app categories suffer even lower location okays. For instance, news apps get the cold shoulder 84 percent of the time.

“Normal, everyday users looking to get value out of an app often don’t understand what they’re getting out of location services,” said Mike Schneider, VP marketing at Skyhook Wireless.

The way to remedy this?

“Make sure that whatever you promise, you pay up,” advised Schneider.

This analysis is backed up by August research from comScore which found that most U.S. smartphone users are ambivalent at best about sharing location information in apps.

“Just 13 percent strongly agreed that they were comfortable doing so — but only 12 percent strongly disagreed with the proposition,” according to eMarketer.

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