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etoron-now-global-vr-mobile-ad-network-serving-north-america-europe-chinaEtoron is making major moves in the worldwide mobile ad space, as well as VR/AR.

Moinstall and VRADX, Etoron’s mobile advertising platform and VR/AR advertising network consecutively, lead China in both business growth and technical revolutions,” reads a media announcement released Wednesday. “Its partnership with WeChat and InTV resulted to an unprecedented mobile to TV advertising campaign in both engagement and traffic. Providing the advertising and viewer engagement network, Etoron introduced the new way consumers finds, interacts, and buys new products.”

Etoron is poised to see more growth in new media advertising in 2017.

“Etoron’s Moinstall and VRADX are the most integrated mobile advertising network in both North America’s and China’s business landscape,” notes Wei Cheng, the CEO of inTV. “They have deeply rooted connections the biggest developers and publishers. The partnership is so strong that they can fully integrated their advertising network with any system. We are guaranteed that campaigns are consistent globally. We don’t have to worry about business or political nuisances because Moinstall and VRADX have a process that is compatible with the business environment.”

Additionally, MAW can also confirm that Etoron conducted the first Etoron Ad Tech Summit, an invitation only gathering of some of the biggest mobile and VR/AR developers in Asia. Tech, content, and business strategies for the next several years were covered at the summit.

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