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smiley-163510_960_720Words are great, but maybe it’s emojis that really communicate.

Why, you might ask? Well, in a world with more than two million apps and games available in the Google Play Store, the challenge of getting noticed might just be goosed along with a little help from an emoji.

Initial proof comes from a quick study conducted by Novoda, an app development and optimization studio. Its review indicated that in many countries, including an emoji in a short app description may actually increase downloads (and hence profit). Interestingly, not all countries showed the same results.

“The company conducted a multivariate test, adding three different emojis to the short descriptions of existing apps,” according to a post in Android Community. “The three were the rocket, the 100, and a blue “bin” emoji. They said the study was conducted between two and seven days and each variant rolled out to 16.6 to 25 percent of visitors. The copy wasn’t changed and the tests were localized in several languages to check on the consistency of the findings.”

The upshot? Across seven different test languages across various countries, Germany, Italy, and Poland had the emoji-laden apps that enjoyed an increase of 20 percent in terms of downloads.

“But in English speaking countries, the previous version without the emoji generated more downloads,” noted the post. “In Russia, Spain, and France, the differences were too minute (for) a conclusive report.”

The conclusion? It’s two-fold. While true that adding emojis to an app short description can increase downloads, it seems to be country/language dependent — and also, that there’s no substitute for conducting A/B testing when releasing an app to try to maximize its optimization, whether it’s emojis or not.

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