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Most people are aware of the recent dust-up about major brands rebelling against having their ads appear on YouTube channels with objectionable content.

Despite the fact that one person’s “objectionable video” is another person’s “must see” video, many of the world’s top brands — L’Oreal, HSBC, Starbucks, and Walmart, to name a few — yanked ad spending away from Google in protest.

What to do? Seek a safer solution, according to DynAdmic, a digital video advertising firm that is promoting a unique set of tools to ensure brand safe placements.

“The only way to prevent brands from being shown in an unsafe environment, is to analyze both written (page level) and spoken content (video level), not just rely on a quality score or the reputation of a video or website,” according to DynAdmic CEO Stéphane Bonjean. “We are scrubbing through online video content as if it was done by a human being. With our technology, we can listen to the videos, hunt for shocking sounds and inappropriate spoken content, to make sure our clients are buying ad space within a secure environment.”

The firm has kept ads from clients including BMW, Red Bull, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, and American Express from appearing next to undesirable videos or articles that do not fit within the brands’ vision.

DynAdmic uses its proprietary audio recognition technology to analyze the audio tracks of videos to serve relevant ads, identifying sounds, written and spoken keywords that are associated with undesirable content, such as violence, offensive language, hate speech, and more.

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