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Don't Need To Wear a Beret in France to Know Which Way the Wind BlowsDigital has definitely crossed the channel and found a beachhead in France.

It’s the first time online advertising has toppled the press, according to a recent study by PwC first highlighted by Rude Baguette.

“For the first time ever, advertising via digital media has overtaken the press to become the #2 advertising channel in France,” reported RB. “According to the study, Internet advertising grew at a rate of 4 percent last year to reach a value of 2.89 billion Euros in France, while the advertising spend via the written press declined 8 percent last year.”

The number one spot still belongs to TV with 27 percent, but digital is fast on its heels with 25 percent.

“PwC is even predicting if the current trends continue, that internet could surpass TV in terms of share of ad-spend by end 2015 and most certainly will by end 2016,” noted RB.

Remarkably, France held onto its love affair with traditional press longer than its European cohorts. The digital share of total ad spending is now 37 percent in the UK and 32 percent in Germany.

In other words, there’s a lot more Moolah Rouge coming for online advertising in France.

As for mobile, its growth has been monumental — up 77 percent over the previous year. It now accounts for 14 percent of all digital advertising in the country.

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