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Dobleas Touts a Major Evolution in Mobile Audience TargetingEmphasizing the word “evolution,” the folks at Dobleas / FreakOut International – a leading mobile Demand Side Platform – tells NativeMobile that it’s taking mobile audience targeting to the next level.

The company announced that the cross-device capability of its proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) came out of stealth and is now available for clients to use in the platform.

Dobleas says its DMP enables advertisers to “build actionable audience segments based on a Desktop (PC) website and buy programmatically against these segments via Mobile Real-time Bidding (mRTB).”

“Cross-device targeting is increasingly a larger allocation of our campaign budgets and Dobleas has been integral to scaling its performance,” says Gabriel Cheng, VP of Strategy at M&C Saatchi Mobile. “There is definitely importance of having an independent DMP due to the data portability but if your goal is to quickly execute a scalable mobile retargeting campaign based on your PC asset, Dobleas offers a compelling solution.”

“A powerful and integrated DMP is needed more than ever as many forms of media continue to move towards programmatic.  Most DMPs today operate based on the use of cookies, and there isn’t a good easy way to do simple retargeting in mobile,” Yugo Asato, Dobleas’ CEO, said in a news release. “Now, advertisers can implement Dobleas’ DMP on their PC websites, create actionable segments in the UI and execute not only simple retargeting campaigns, but also more advanced retargeting without logging into a separate platform.”

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