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Digital Advertising Beefs Up Marijuana Acceptance Survey Shows Significant Impacts on Florida Medical Marijuana VotePerhaps it wasn’t just growing public consensus that made medical marijuana availability in Florida a reality.

A post-election poll of more than 800 voters is proving that online video and banner ads had a big impact on the “Amendment 2” ballot question. The survey was conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research on behalf of United for Care, one of the groups that was an Amendment 2 proponent.

The survey revealed that those who saw Internet advertisements voted for Florida’s Amendment 2 at a rate of 65 percent, while those that did not, voted only at a rate of 53 percent. The 12 percent difference was not simply a function of targeting, nor of pure politics. People who said they saw internet ads voted for Democrat Charlie Crist at a rate of 42 percent; those who said they had not seen such ads voted for Crist at a rate of 40 percent.

“The majority of the online advertising was a combination of cookie-targeted banner and video ads provided by Audience Partners, matched to the National Online Voter File along with a proprietary medical marijuana support model that incorporated data from petition signers,” explained a statement from Impact Politics, a campaign media and marketing strategy firm in Weston, FL, managed the digital buy and creative production for United for Care.”

Audience Partner’s medical marijuana probability model was developed via extensive surveying and data aggregation. That helped Impact Politics and the United for Care Campaign a methodology for targeting longtime voters believed to be “most likely to be persuadable” as well as those deemed “most likely supporters.”

The finding represents a new high — so to speak — for advocates of digital as a driving force.

“We were outspent 3 to 1 on media, but the data modeling and analytics provided by Audience Partners allowed us to layer our online efforts across the state with unprecedented efficiency,” said Brian Franklin, President of Impact Politics and a senior consultant for the United for Care Campaign. “Access to this data allowed us to triage our resources, tweak our creative with real-time data, and maximize the impact of our online spend.”

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