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Did Video Kill the Old Fashioned Ad Game Developers Say YesUnity Technologies, a platform for creating games and experiences in 2D, 3D, VR, and AR, is touting the implications of a new industry study on the potential of video ads.

Is video a good tool for mobile developers who want to monetize their games and drive user engagement?

“Surveys completed by more than 2,000 mobile game developers and players … underscore the relationship between video ads and increased engagement, retention and revenue,” the Unity crew reports back to us.

In fact, 52 percent of mobile game developers identify video ads as providing the highest revenue per user compared to any other type of in-game advertising.

In addition, “71 percent of players choose watching video ads as their preferred way to ‘pay’ for game content and 54 percent of the total choose rewarded video specifically and almost 80 percent of players confirmed they are open to engaging with video ads for in-game rewards.”

Of special note is the fact that fewer than one in 10 developers saw retention drop after introducing rewarded video ads; 86 percent of developers who integrated rewarded video ads saw increased or unaffected in-app purchasing.

“Rewarded video ads are a key monetization and engagement method quickly growing in popularity with today’s mobile game developer community,” said Jarkko Rajamaki, Director of Ads for Unity Technologies. “When properly integrated into gameplay, video ads, especially rewarded video ads, have a positive impact on the player’s experience and can help developers monetize their games and increase player engagement.”

The full report, “In-Game Advertising the Right Way” can be found here.

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