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responsive-mobile-ad-creative-now-feature-of-aarkis-programmatic-platformDialogTech is set to debut the advertising industry’s only end-to-end marketing solution for optimizing call conversions from display advertising.

“DialogTech for Display,” we’re told, is the first to use calls to improve the entire display advertising process, from audience targeting to lead conversion to attribution and optimization.

“Using DialogTech for Display, marketers can rapidly optimize display campaigns to drive more calls and customers and prove the complete impact of calls from display on revenue,” the company tells us.

In a nutshell, DialogTech for Display solution is the first to enable display marketers to target, attribute, and optimize for call conversions the same way they have for online conversions — and via the same marketing platforms.

Clients are impressed by the possibilities.

”Inbound calls are our most valuable lead, so it’s important for our marketing team to accurately measure and optimize for calls from all digital channels, including display,” said Bryan Huber, Global Director of Digital Marketing at Comfort Keepers, a leading in-home care provider for seniors with over 750 franchise locations. “DialogTech’s new display solution enables us to truly understand the impact display has on driving customer calls, even if they call later from a different channel.

DialogTech’s new functionality includes:

  • Audience Targeting: By using DialogTech to integrate call data from any marketing channel into their data management platform (DMP) and demand-side platforms (DSPs), display marketers can improve targeting by building audiences leveraging call data.
  • View-Through Attribution: Using DialogTech to integrate call data with their DSP, display marketers can now attribute every call conversion influenced by display, even if the lead calls later from a different channel.
  • Integrations with Multi-Touch Platforms: Adding DialogTech’s call data from display and other channels into multi-touch attribution platforms will allow marketers to see what combination of channels drive conversions.
  • Click-to-Call Display Ads: The DialogTech solution enables marketers to increase conversions by adding click-to-call technology to their mobile display ads. When consumers click on the call-enabled display ad, it triggers an immediate call from their smartphones while also directing callers to the appropriate landing page for more information.

To keep tabs on what DialogTech is up to, click here.

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