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DeepMarkit, a producer of gamified marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, has announced that it is currently building applications to boost integration of its platform with e-commerce providers including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

The driving factor? The e-commerce industry is growing at a 23 percent YOY rate and online businesses are looking for ways to increase consumer engagement. And gamified promotions, a relatively unexplored form of interactive content, has been shown to increase consumer engagement by providing a fun experience that appeals to consumers of all demographics.

DeepMarkit’s plan would allow hundreds of thousands of businesses to access the firm’s proprietary platform to quickly launch gamified promotional campaigns within their e-commerce stores. The company aims to have its integration with Shopify completed in the coming months, welcoming more than 400,000 Shopify merchants to DeepMarkit’s gamified promotions platform.

“Having a platform that connects our gamified promotions portal to e-commerce providers is a key strategy for our sales channels and will increase our addressable market,” commented Carter Chalmers, Director of Sales and Marketing for DeepMarkit. “We want to ensure that businesses large and small can easily access our platform to help them increase engagement and drive their sales.”

We’re told that DeepMarkit’s plan addresses the current ubiquity of mobile devices, as well as the fact that gaming has become mainstream across all demographics particularly among millennials, the largest and most influential generation of consumers.

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