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coins-912720_960_720It’s the end of another year — a time when Google historically teams up with developers to offer a variety of big app and game discounts.

The end of 2016 will be no different, according to 9to5Google. Google has several big name games on sale for up to 80 percent off. There are also sales on several other games through the Play Store.

“Both ‘Lost Journey’ and ‘Armpit Hero: VIP’ are currently on sale on Google Play (via Android Police) for the low price of just a penny,” reports 9to5Google. “We’ve seen games and apps on sale as low as $0.10 in the past, but this price of just $0.01 has never been seen until now. Google has long limited sales to a low price of $0.10, presumably to cover fees, while developers could only set the usual price as low as $0.99.”

One penny is basically free. So why a price tag at all?

“Google Play has two basic tiers for apps, free or paid. When a developer uploads a new app, they have the option set a price or make it free. If they choose to set a price, it can be adjusted at any time or changed to free,” explains 9to5Google. “However, if the app is originally set as free or changed to free, it can no longer have a price attached. So by offering apps for just a cent, developers aren’t forced to offer them for free if they want the sale to be temporary.”

Will it last? Keep an eye out for even more changes, as there are still questions about whether this is a planned Google move or “nothing more than a system error.”

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