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DataLift Study There Are Massive Global Fraud Risks in MobileAd tech company DataLift has found that more than a third of mobile programmatic traffic is at risk of fraud.

The problems?

According to DataLift, “34 percent of mobile traffic is at risk of fraud — (and) of this, 22 percent was suspect and 12 percent presented a high risk of fraud.”

Interestingly, fraud is highest at night.

“The relative amount of fraud increases during night time hours as many fraud tactics are not sophisticated enough to take into account actual levels of app usage,” explains the company.

The study was commissioned by DataLift, a proprietary programmatic platform of AppLift, which was developed in India, in conjunction with leading fraud detection tool Forensiq.

It’s a big deal.

“With eMarketer predicting that U.S. mobile programmatic media buying will reach $20.45 billion by 2017, fraud detection is a major multi-billion concern for advertisers,” the report summary shared with MAW reads.

“The cost of advertising plays a significant role in mobile marketers’ budgets,” explains AppLift CEO Tim Koschella. “The rise in fraudulent activity not only undermines the integrity of the advertising industry, but it is extremely costly for advertisers. By benefiting from the fraud detection system such as that offered through our platform DataLift, marketers can better understand their mobile programmatic data, detect fraud prior to bidding, and therefore salvage a significant portion of their ad spend.”

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