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According to the scoop from VRJournal, more virtual reality ads are inbound for your mobile device.

Verve, a location-powered mobile marketing platform, is teaming with Digital Domain, a provider of visual effects and immersive experiences. As a result of the pairing, VRJournal tells us that Digital Domain will now be the exclusive producer of virtual reality and 360-degree video content for the Verve platform.

“Brands are constantly looking for new ways to break through the noise and reach their target audiences,” Amit Chopra, the Executive Director and COO of Digital Domain, is quoted in the report. “Part of our company goal is to establish global alliances in new markets, and our partnership with Verve forges a powerful combination of technology and artistry — one that will enable brands to deliver engaging and contextually relevant ads to consumers.”

Why the move and why now? In short, the effort combines the best of two hot strategies: location marketing and virtual reality.

Per the findings of a recent study by Nielson Computer Neuroscience and YuMe, Inc., VR experiences elicit emotional engagement that is as much as 27 percent higher and 34 percent longer than traditional video.

“This initial partnership agreement provides Verve with an inventive new set of creative capabilities and, more importantly, it introduces exciting new opportunities for our clients to develop powerful and meaningful experiences for consumers,” says Kevin Arrix, Verve’s CRO.

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