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Cross Pixel Media, a leading provider of high performance audience data, has now teamed up with Adbrain.

Adbrain is a well known global provider of intelligent digital identity technology. The partnership is designed to expand Cross Pixel’s existing rich audience data from desktop into mobile apps.

Adbrain was selected as the preferred partner following an evaluation process of the scale and accuracy of its data, according to Jeffrey Weitman, president and COO at Cross Pixel Media.

It also helps that Adbrain does not buy or sell media, which makes its data easily integrated with the main DSPs and for companies like Cross Pixel to leverage Adbrain and better monetize their data.

“We initially chose to evaluate Adbrain due its media-agnostic approach and its distinct capacity to match users across devices. We were impressed by their ability to extend our high-quality audience data into the mobile in-app space,” said Weitman. “Through 2017, we expect to see adoption of the newly created Cross Pixel Mobile In-App audiences grow to become a significant revenue line and material part of Cross Pixel’s overall business.”

Adbrain CEO Gareth Davies anticipates a profitable partnership.

“We’re proud to have taken Cross Pixel from proof-of-concept to action in such a short amount of time,” Davies said. “Cross Pixel has already seen a 40 percent increase in scale in just over two months, highlighting Adbrain’s ability to take targeting and measurement to the next level.”

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