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Performance marketing technology company Criteo has launched Criteo Direct Bidder. The new header bidding technology directly connects publishers’ inventory to the demand from Criteo’s more than 15,000 global clients.

“This solution ensures publishers retain the full value of the impressions that Criteo buys, while Criteo continues to drive profitable sales for advertisers,” the Criteo crew tells us. “Criteo has already migrated over 250 of its largest premium publishers to Criteo Direct Bidder as part of the early adopter program.”

Header bidding solutions streamline bidding for publisher inventory, but still require the right integrations. Direct Bidder directly connects publisher inventory to Criteo’s demand in an ecosystem that operates as a virtuous cycle of opportunity for all parties.

Criteo Direct Bidder offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased revenue for display and native, allowing publishers to eliminate third-party fees and retain the full value of standard display ads and native units.
  • Speed at scale, as Criteo’s proven programmatic platform delivers lightning quick responses to more than 120 billion requests per day.
  • Monetization of ad blocked users.
  • Flexible configuration for maximum yield, which simplifies the publisher’s ad server setup to drive more yield from Criteo’s high-quality network of more than 15,000 advertisers globally.
  • Real-time user matching which directly matches users’ cookies, including those from Safari browsers, resulting in an average of 20 percent greater spend from Criteo.

“Criteo was an early pioneer in header bidding and is now releasing a product that further increases value for both publishers and advertisers alike,” explained Marc Grabowski, the EVP of Global Supply and Business Development at Criteo. “We’re already averaging 20 to 40 percent higher publisher revenue for Criteo’s ad buys, translating into higher value for advertisers, as well.”

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