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Could Quizzing Consumers Help Advertisers New Mobile Ad App Offers Businesses a New StrategyCash Quest App, Inc. wants to help businesses get a better idea whether consumers are paying attention to their ads.

Could a quiz for cash rewards do the trick?

“Cash Quest App is a unique mobile app that pays consumers cash to answer questions about video advertisements,” the team behind the offering explains.

How does it work?

People log on to the Cash Quest App to watch commercials and other video advertisements. After a video ad finishes, users can answer a series of questions providing proof they were paying attention.

“If the user answers a question correctly, they earn money. If the user answers a question incorrectly, they do not earn money. The Cash Quest App can determine whether or not a person is truly paying attention to an advertisement, and this solves a major problem businesses face with advertising today.,” according to the company.

Businesses get to decide what questions they would like answered — up to five — which have just one correct answer. The questions can combine formats like multiple choice, true/false, or yes/no.

Businesses are required to provide a digital file of their video advertisements in .mp4 or .mov format.

The Cash Quest App is currently offering businesses two options for free video advertising.

To learn more, check out the company here.

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