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Content Writers, Press Releases, Distribution Platforms, Oh My!If you weren’t already convinced that content is king and the present (not to mention the future) of marketing, here’s more evidence to shake up your thinking.

NativeMobile was briefed Tuesday morning by a representative for The company has just secured a new partnership with press release distributor

According to a provided statement, the partnership is key for creating and distributing new content for new clients.

As the company’s name suggests, ContentWriters offers diverse professional writing services. That includes everything from blog posts to social media updates.

“The partnership is a classic win-win scenario,” said ContentWriters CEO John Zidziunas in a provided statement. “We offer our clients top quality written content, and they offer their clients a way to get press releases out to a wide audience. A partnership means more access for both of our clients and more quality material coming through their wires.”

While not specifically referring to native ad content, the new partners definitely seem interested in expanding their content reach in every established or emerging marketing channel, of which native is undoubtedly among the hottest.

“There’s no substitute for strong, well-written content, and that’s what the people at ContentWriters are known for,” says Newswire’s Head of Business Development, Erik Rohrmann. “By serving as a portal for their press releases and by sharing the partnerships we already have with companies like PR Newswire, we grant them greater access to the wires while we gain great content.”

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