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fake-newsPro-consumer security and privacy website is out with advice for businesses using programmatic advertising platforms. The advice? “Blacklist known fake news and hate speech websites from ad platforms.”

Comparitech has just created a guide with instructions on how to blacklist specific websites that might otherwise display their ads.

“Fake news websites have wreaked havoc around the world, spreading fear and hatred with little regard for the truth,” said Paul Bischoff, a security and privacy advocate for “Our hope is that cutting them off from reputable advertisers will put a dent in their operations.”

It’s not difficult, but it’s increasingly important to many businesses. There’s no need to scrap ad networks or campaigns, as most bidding platforms, including Google AdWords, allow advertisers to add specific websites to a blacklist.

Removing ads from fake news sites blocks the flow of money to fake news sites. Frankly, ads there aren’t worth the money. Recent analyses have found ads on such sites consistently underperform: low click through rates, poor conversion rates, and high cost per click are common.

“It is not our intention to lean left or right, as fake news is a problem on both sides of the aisle. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for businesses to prevent their ads from ending up in the wrong place,” said Bischoff.

The full tutorial on how to blacklist known fake news websites on Google AdWords is available here.

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