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Cisco Exec Believes Native Ad Campaigns Build Awareness and EngagementThe discussion about native advertising’s value to brands and marketers is ongoing, of course, but many businesses see its ability to build awareness and engagement.

That was the sentiment expressed by Cisco’s Global Media Director Radhika Narang in a recent interview with eMarketer staffer Tobi Elkin.

How is Cisco using native advertising?

“My team is responsible for managing Cisco’s global media campaigns and they’re mostly full-funnel campaigns,” Narang says. “However, we’ve indulged in native efforts more for awareness and engagement and not as much with demand generation in mind.”

When it comes to describing the virtues of native, Narang is clear.

“The way we understand native is: it’s a seamless journey from editorial to brand content on a single delivery platform,” notes Narang. “Within native you can have different kinds of content and user experiences. You can share stories through videos. In many cases, native content will have social-sharing capabilities.”

Narang says Cisco always seeks to have the content clearly identified to engender consumer trust, but mostly it’s about “the storytelling.”

“The key to getting native right is it adds value to the user’s experience, as well as furthering Cisco’s storytelling,” adds Narang. “The result is the audience finds the brand content equally — or at times, even more –relevant than the editorial content.”

Cisco’s main objective, Narang posits, is to seek credibility among decision-makers.

“Our goal for native is to use it for establishing a leadership message and focusing on an audience of senior decision-makers whose media space is quite fragmented,” she explains. “If native is part of an awareness campaign, we look at whether there was a shift in awareness: Did it move perceptions about Cisco and its association with IOE in a positive way? We also look at targeted reach or targeted impressions, and KPIs like engagement—going from high-level awareness—shift in perception—to targeted reach.”

The lengthy interview is well worth the read. To check it out, click here.

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