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Priming Programmatic for Quality: MobFox Partners with Pixalate to Improve TransparencyChoozle is one of the world’s leading self-service programmatic advertising platforms. Consequently, they are experts in their field. For that reason, the company has just released a new whitepaper examining the state of advertising agencies and the adoption of programmatic technology in the digital media industry.

The whitepaper — “Adoption of Self-Serve Platform Operation by Advertising Agencies” — traces the history of technological disruption of the digital media industry and analyzes how programmatic advertising platforms are impacting the entire ecosystem.

“The whitepaper, with data provided by Strata Marketing, Inc., details the benefits of self-service solutions as well as perceived operational challenges, which often restrict in-house platform operation,” reads the report summary emailed to MAW. “The research delves deeper to analyze the elements of resources, cost, and risk, which are often cited as entry barriers to self-service platform adoption.”

Bottom line? The data suggests that the investment costs of initial platform setup and operation (in both human resources and time) have dropped dramatically, making it more feasible for agencies to bring programmatic advertising in-house.

“The rapid adoption programmatic advertising is driven by efficiency, transparency, value and control,” said Andrew Fischer, a Choozle co-founder and current CEO. “Agencies that invest in self-service platform operation further differentiate their businesses through operational expertise and intelligence, and essentially ensure that their shop cannot be disintermediated.”

To download a complimentary copy of the whitepaper, click here.

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