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Chinese Consumers More Open to Mobile than U.S., UKGlobal research firm PwC just released its 2014 Mobile Advertising Report for China and it proves that Chinese consumers are more open to mobile pitches than their peers in the U.S. and United Kingdom.

The report, which measured consumer attitudes toward mobile advertising, indicated that 78 percent of Chinese were more likely to click on content relevant ads. That’s a much bigger response percentage than either the UK (33 percent) and the U.S. (29 percent).

Targeted mobile advertising has seen a huge upswing in China, where mobile users have shown a proclivity for responding to mobile appeals. The PwC statistics suggest that mobile advertising will rack in RMB 12.5 billion in 2014. Looking to the future, the report pegged mobile spending in 2017 at potentially more than RMB 25.7 billion.

Without a doubt, mobile advertising is the fastest growing market segment in China today.

“China is mobile-first as a nation of shoppers,” said Colin Light, PwC China and Hong Kong Digital Consulting Leader. “Companies that use customer data to differentiate offers and drive brand engagement have a better chance of influencing buyer behavior before and after a purchase.”

Interestingly, the Chinese appear more open to everything digital. Fifty eight percent of users in China showed an openness to share personal information in exchange for something (like a free app), which is much higher than users willing to do so in the UK (28 percent) and U.S. (30 percent).

In fact, 47 percent of Chinese consumers don’t mind be targeted daily for advertising. That contrasts markedly with consumers in the UK (52 percent) and U.S. (56 percent) who prefer no targeting marketing at all.

All in all, the report suggests that major success is possible for marketers in the Chinese sector.

“China’s mobile advertising market has huge potential,” said Light. “It’s no longer about the product push, but using contextually rich data to treat customers on an individual basis.”

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