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inbar-screenshot_croppedBeacon proximity company and location intelligence innovator inMarket is once again moving beacons well beyond the basics with the unveiling of a sophisticated new ambient intelligence platform called inBar.

Designed to “change the way brands engage with consumers inside entertainment venues,” inBar could dramatically advance the scope and scale of what beacons can do for consumer engagement across bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

And it won’t be long before inBar is put to the test. Through a partnership with AMI Entertainment, an on-premise entertainment giant, inMarket says it will deploy beacons to 23,000 entertainment venues throughout the U.S.

“Brands can now engage patrons on their most personal device, precisely when they’re enjoying a night out. inBar will have the power to turn phones into an ‘AI assistant’ – waking up proactively when consumers need it most to facilitate hyper-relevant, second-screen experiences,” inMarket explains, noting that such experiences entail everything from smart jukebox interactions (suggesting songs or offering credits), to exclusive playlists or AR content just for showing up.

We’re told the program will reach all Android devices via Eddystone compatible beacons, not to mention some 50 million comScore-verified monthly active app users across inMarket’s SDK platform.

AMI Entertainment CEO Michael Maas says his company’s collaboration with InMarket will deliver “amazing new contextual experiences to nightlife consumers, while creating the opportunity for brands to engage with hard-to-reach, on-the-go millennials.”

For inMarket, a pioneer long at the forefront of delivering contextual content to consumers in the retail space, moving into the nightlife scene is, by the six-year-old company’s own admission, a natural extension of their expertise.

“With inBar, we’re laying the foundation of the connected bar of the future, while enabling hyper-contextual advertising on premise,” says Todd Dipaola, inMarket’s CEO. “We have six years of experience digitally connecting consumers and brands at retail capacity and we’re excited to extend that into bars with AMI as an amazing partner.”

InMarket is hosting demos of the future inBar UX this week at CES. To learn more or to schedule a demo, click here.

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