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CEO Adler Confirms Fiksu's AcquisitionOn Wednesday, the news came straight from Fiksu CEO Micah Adler — Fiksu has been acquired.

The Boston-based adtech company that’s become a trusted name within circles of app makers and marketers, is now part of ClickDealer, a global performance marketing agency operating within Noosphere (an international asset management firm).

“As experts in transforming high-potential companies into definitive market leaders – with a diverse set of advertising technology businesses in their portfolio – Noosphere not only saw an incredible opportunity in Fiksu but also noted the remarkable synergy of our teams,” Adler says.

And the acquisition comes at an opportune time in the mobile advertising space — an industry that needs a fusion of resources that diverse companies can provide.

With mobile expected to represent 63 percent of total digital ad spending in the US this year, the Fiksu crew believes that it can help its acquiring party achieve great things.

“I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built over these past 5 years and grateful to the entire team that has contributed – and excited about our transition into ClickDealer and Noosphere and driving the evolution and innovation of mobile advertising,” Adler writes. “Thank you to the entire team, past and present, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.”

As for the Noosphere crew, they are just as enthused.

“In Fiksu, Micah has built a strong and innovative team who we welcome to the Noosphere family,” says Polyakov, chairman and founder of Noosphere. “The combination of our resources and their technology and talent is win-win for us both – and for the industry we serve.”

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