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MAW learned ahead of the weekend that Celtra — the “creative management platform for digital advertising” — announced support for the creation of AMP Ads in their AdCreator platform.

Launched by the open-source AMP Project, AMP Ads are a new standard for making ads faster, lighter and more secure.

Celtra’s support for AMP Ads was demoed by the AMP Project at Google I/O, revealing “how easy it is to build these ads and how fast they load.”

“Mobile advertising campaigns today are often hampered by broken, non-viewable ads with a poor UX experience,” said Aleksander Kmetec, VP of Engineering, Celtra. “The need for better UX and fast-loading ads are not only the future of digital advertising, but a necessity for developing markets that are more sensitive to data. We are proud to join the AMP project and believe that AMP helps pave the way for better creative, a significantly improved customer experience and higher mobile ad engagement rates.”

Unilever partnered with Celtra to demonstrate how AXE and Magnum ads can appear as a part of the AMP Ads session at I/O.

“Global brands need to reach customers in multiple markets, where the cost of data and slow network speed make it difficult to meaningfully engage with viewers,” said Luis DiComo, EVP Global Media at Unilever. “We’re excited to partner with Celtra to showcase the power of AMP Ads to deliver a better user experience that supports higher customer engagement and stronger ROI.”

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