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Celebrity Click Factor Who Really Clicked in Native Advertising in 2014What’s a clincher for a celebrity? It could be “clickability.”

According to MGID, one of the first native advertising companies worldwide, the results are in for 2014. Pop sensation Miley Cyrus and rapper/Karate Kid Jaden Smith rank as native advertising’s most “clickable” celebrities.

MGID has more than 3,000 partner entertainment websites, from which the results were gleaned. The company says other notable clickable names include Hayden Panettiere, Chloe Moretz, Jim Parsons, and Jason Statham.

The “click factor,” which MGID suggests is a great tool for understanding the pulse of Internet audiences, “is derived from an algorithm that aggregates data on user engagement and virality among millions of visitors to entertainment, lifestyle and sports publishers.”

MGID says it uses “click factor” to help identify the entertainment topics that are “most desirable by the end-user and can help inform content creators and advertisers relevant audience trends.”

So…who’s more clickable?

Though MGID’s list includes both male and female personalities, the firm acknowledged that gal celebrities get a lot more clicks than the guys.

“Female celebrities are far more popular in native advertising than their male counterparts,” the team said in their announcement.

The top 10 most “clickable” female celebrities in order are: Miley Cyrus, Hayden Panettiere, Chloe Moretz, Ariana Grande, Bella Thorne, Kaley Cuoco, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Kelly Osbourne, and Willow Smith.

In the male category, the top 10 include Jaden Smith, Jim Parsons, Jason Statham, Ben Affleck, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Justin Bieber, Daniel Radcliffe, Ryan Gosling, Lil Wayne, and Prince Harry.

“MGID measures the “click factor” of celebrities by calculating a range of criteria, including number of articles published, the number of impressions the ads received and the amount of ‘click-throughs’ the article generated,” the company says. “The anonymous behavior of nearly 20 million individual website visitors who clicked on more than 180,000 of native ads on 3,000 websites, worldwide, was analyzed. The data was tracked through MGID’s native advertising widgets, housed on entertainment and lifestyle websites to monetize and engage their audience.”

What’s the point of the ranking?

“Click factor is a great tool for understanding the pulse of Internet audiences,” explains Sergey Denisenko, MGID’s CEO. “For native advertising to be successful, website visitors must take a captive interest in the content given to them. It is clear that ads featuring these celebrities reflect the most important trends of 2014 with entertainment and lifestyle audiences.”

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