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Can You Predict Which App Users Will Buy? Jampp Launches Prediction Model to Get AnswersWant to get the jump on which consumers might bite on a new app?

Jampp may offer help. The mobile app engagement platform has just launched “Predictive Segments.” This new feature in the company’s offerings is designed to help companies determine which users will make a purchase within their mobile apps.

The upshot? Identifying them allows marketers to engage them with custom ads.

“Using contextual data and past user behavior Jampp can, with the touch of a button, automatically group an app’s user base in terms of conversion likelihood and then create custom ad strategies to pursue each group,” according to Jampp.

Machine learning algorithms allow Jampp’s technology to analyze hundreds of data points for each user that installed the advertiser’s app — and assigns each user a probability to convert on the selected key event.

“The traditional method of segmenting users is broken,” says Diego Meller, Jampp’s CEO. “Mobile advertisers set up user segments based on arbitrary classifications such as smartphone type and other attributes that may suggest a user will behave in a certain way. This is short-sighted, though, because within those groups you have people that engage with the app in very different ways. Predictive Segments is the smart, scalable and data-driven way of creating segments for app engagement marketing.”

The platform can also calculate the ideal cost per click for each group; that allows advertisers to launch custom engagement strategies for every segment.

“For performance advertisers, Predictive Segments drives cost-effective app engagement and more clicks from the users who matter most,” according to Digital Journal. “Advertisers that were part of the private beta are seeing an increase in sales and a decrease in cost per acquisition at least 30 percent.”

“It has historically been difficult to increase scale without compromising performance,” says Warrick Godfrey, the Regional Director of Marketing at, a leading online marketplace in the Middle East. “With Jampp’s Predictive Segments, we are simultaneously driving more purchases and reducing the overall cost per purchase.”

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