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Nanigans' Advertising Automation Software Going to InstagramHaving difficulty finding influencers for Instagram campaigns? Influencers are a popular — and increasingly effective — way to establish relationships with current and prospective consumers.

Now there’s some help from Brandon Leibowitz, the founder of Get Plus Followers, a social media marketing agency in Los Angeles, California, and, a skateboarding news blog. Regularly featured on sites such as Social Media Today, Live Chat Blog, Simply Measured, and Business2Community, Leibowitz has shared some of his top tips at the Ezanga blog.

“Instragram influencers wield a lot of power, which can equate to big exposure for your brand,” explains Leibowitz. “But finding the right influencers to vouch for your brand isn’t easy.”

How to start? To get better info faster, Leibowitz recommends narrowing your keyword search.

“Search “top Instagram accounts” and you’ll unearth a gold mine of potential influencers to work with,” he says. “But let’s be honest, a broad search like that will take forever to filter. To narrow down your results, insert a keyword relevant to your niche.”

In fact, using “foodie” if you’re in the food and wine industry is a good idea, as is including a specific profession: i.e. “top chefs on Instagram,” “top designers on Instagram,” “top athletes on Instagram,” and so on.

It also helps to examine your Instagram followers.

“Look for built-in fans of your products or services,” Leibowitz recommends. “Influencers who are existing fans won’t need persuading. In fact, many will jump at the chance to work with a brand they love. And even if you’re a smaller business or a local startup, there might be a micro-influencer following you, too.”

There’s more good info in the blog post — check it out if you’re in the market for an Instagram influencer strategy for the coming new year.

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