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First it was the Rolodex. Now it’s the printed business card. Disruptive technology is affecting every industry, including office supply manufacturing and printing.

The printed business card may soon become obsolete due to vCard’s latest smart phone app. This allows digital business cards to replace the print versions, now seen by many as unwieldy as well as eco-unfriendly.

“The vCard offers users the ability to text a digital business card that can include video, audio, text, graphics, links, QR codes, coupons and more,” the company tells us. “In the very near future a special short code is being added. This will make a person’s vCard distribution to large groups quick and easy.”

vCard is currently in 22 countries and is conducting a worldwide expansion.

“I got the vCard and went to a trade show to test it,” said Josh Ryan, a marketing consultant who tested the new vCard. “During the show I was able to collect the personal cell numbers of CEOs and presidents of companies that I wanted to market to. Now they had my vCard with my video on their phone. Fantastic! This is the hottest new marketing tool I have seen in decades.”

There are three versions of the digital business vCard, including a card without video, a pro version, and an affiliate version for entrepreneurs who can get three digital vCards with video function for various businesses.

You can view a video about it here.

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