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Bring on the Inmoji Inmoji and Frankly Partner Up to Promote ThemHere come the Inmoji!

Two companies are partnering to bring those clickable icons known as Inmoji to web and mobile apps that use Frankly’s messaging system.

Inmoji Inc., a mobile marketing company that connects brands to consumers through peer-to-peer, in-message, powered emoticons, and Frankly Inc., a provider of mobile messaging technology, have just announced their partnership.

“The partnership creates scalable expansion opportunities for Inmoji, increasing the company’s reach beyond a small number of traditional messaging providers to a wide audience of any brand and app that integrates the Frankly Chat SDK,” a rep for Inmoji explained in a provided statement.

Brands with the Frankly-powered chat functionality will now have the option of allowing their users to send inline Inmoji, which can be customized to look like the company’s logo or a branded object.

“These personalized add-ons increase brand engagement, expanding on the popular sticker and emoji business with useful and interactive content, such as gifts, location sharing, instant booking, and loyalty-promoting offers,” the statement continues. “Inmoji are also fully trackable content units that capture critical user sentiment and behavior data.”

We’re told the Frankly-Inmoji partnership should create new potential revenue streams and cross-promotion opportunities for any company that adds the Frankly Chat SDK to their digital properties.

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