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Just released new indexes from Fiksu DSP, a data-driven mobile marketing techn company, reveal a month-over-month decrease in competition to acquire a user across both iOS and Android devices.

“The difference was more significant in the Android ecosystem, as cost per purchaser (CPP) fell 43 percent from January,” the Fiksu crew tells us. “The decrease in cost per purchaser on Android devices represents the best value for performance marketers in more than a year.”

Other highlights from the February indexes show that:

  • CPP decreased month-over-month by two percent on iOS and 43 percent on Android.
  • CPM stayed even month-over-month at $4.04 on iOS and increased four percent to $2.59 on Android.
  • CPP decreased year-over-year by five percent on iOS and 34 percent on Android.
  • CPM decreased year-over-year by nine percent on iOS and increased four percent on Android.

“Analysis of the RTB market in February show a clear distinction between iOS and Android,” noted Tom Cummings, the VP for new market development at Fiksu DSP. “Android is still the platform with more volatility compared to the more mature iOS marketplace.”

The February change is likely due to a confluence of several factors. For starters, marketers tamped down holiday-related spend.

“For many mobile marketing campaigns, the months after the holidays have represented one of the best periods to acquire new users, as ad spend drops off, but users are still very engaged with their new devices,” said Matthew McGinty, chief revenue officer at Fiksu DSP.

And another factor in the 42 percent decrease can likely be credited to actual campaign effectiveness.

“As Android matures and reaches parity with iOS, marketers are proving to be savvier at reaching the right kind of users through techniques like lookalike targeting,” said Cummings. “The drop in CPP across both platforms in February could be telling us a lot, but a more definitive story will start to unfold once we begin seeing results from March and April.”

More information on Fiksu’s indexes is here.

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