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BP Logix Launches Process Director 4.0 with Configurable Goals, Data Virtualization, Advanced DashboardsBP Logix, a major provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for rapid workflow app development, announced that Process Director 4.0 is now available.

“The new version of the flagship product brings together advances that include goal-driven actions, data virtualization, both new and enhanced dashboards, and a customized user experience,” the team says. “Whether organizing outstanding tasks, overseeing day-to-day operations, or performing system audits, Process Director 4.0’s information-packed, enhanced dashboards provide an intuitive way to find the data you need at a glance.”

Both on-premise and Cloud versions of Process Director 4.0 will be available beginning in Q4.

Version 4.0 features smart web forms, advanced graphical analytics, and the unique Process Timeline workflow engine. It also offers enhanced case management capabilities.

“With the industry’s only unified modeling and execution platform for both traditional and case-style processes, Process Director 4.0 builds on its Process Timeline foundation to make it easier to rapidly develop robust adaptive case management and hybrid case/traditional applications,” notes the firm.

New and enhanced features include data virtualization, goals-oriented workflow applications, and case management tools.

There’s more for mobile, too.

Process Director 4.0 (enables) users to specify multiple designs for a single e-form, conditionally presenting the appropriate version based on your configuration,” the organization adds. “This “multi-viewer” functionality enables users to create forms that are crafted specifically for the environment or device on which they are presented.”

“As enterprises evolve and mature, they are taking advantage of low-code/no-code BPM solutions like Process Director,” said E. Scott Menter, Vice President of Business Solutions. “We are pleased that our product empowers organizations to achieve the benefits of highly customized business applications without the risks or restrictions of traditional application development.”

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