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Blocking the Malware Trustlook Introduces New ‘Ransomware Hunter’ AppMobile security innovator Trustlook wants to block an insidious new form of malware, popular among the new breed of threats.

Trustlook just announced the release of a new application to combat a very harmful type of mobile malware known as ransomware.

“Hackers use ransomware to encrypt mobile device files and then demand money in exchange for unencrypting the content,” the app’s creators tell us.  “Ransomware’s scary premise prompts many to succumb to the demand in order to save their data. Trustlook’s new app, named Ransomware Hunter, helps users identify ransomware threats and eliminate them with just three taps.”

Interestingly, Trustlook identified more than 30,000 ransomware samples in its mobile device threat warehouse. According to the company, this category has grown by 300 percent in just the past year. FBI estimates indicate losses from ransomware infections bilked users for more than $1.6 million in 2015.

“We are seeing more and more instances of ransomware applications for Android devices,” said Jinjian Zhai, Head of Research at Trustlook. “That is why we felt it was important to build a special-purpose application dedicated to identifying and rooting out these dangerous apps.”

Android device owners who use a reputable mobile antivirus app, such as Trustlook Mobile Security, are already protected against ransomware threats.

Ransomware Hunter is billed as being a solution for “those users who have yet to install a mobile device security app, or for anyone who wants an additional layer of protection against ransomware.”

Android ransomware mostly spreads through Android apk files, and links to ransomware files may be posted in emails or chats.

Ransomware Hunter is free and available for download via the Google Play store.

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