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Forget Traditional Ads Ad Agencies Report Better Conversion with Smartphone App InstallsBlazesoft, a well-known gaming development company, helps social gaming companies and operators of all sizes improve their backend platforms — even if it requires constructing better solutions from scratch.

Providing gaming “Backend as a Service” for new and existing games, the company offers a more consistent way to manage backend data, as well as reduce research and development costs, the company says.

Blazesoft CEO Mickey Blayvas believes that — by working with newly developed or existing games — the company can offer customers an “unbelievable” technical advantage.

“Blazesoft supports all popular client platforms – iOS, Android, Web and supports various omni-channel scenarios where players can use same gaming profile across several different platforms and games,” Blayvas explained.

Features offered in Blazesoft’s backend platform include, among other things:

  • Player management – 360-degree view of customer activities including personal information, game progress data, social data, and more.
  • Game management features – including levels, XP, avatars, and skins.
  • Marketing Assistance – Push Notification, emails, marketing lists.
  • Reporting, including smart player segmentation, reports, export to excel, XML, and external databases.
  • BI and Analytics – predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • Integration with Google Analytics and additional performance tools.
  • Game engines — all managed from the server and integratable in apps.

In addition to providing custom CRM and cloud gamer server hosting, Blazesoft also offers mobile game templates for Cards, Slots, 3Match, Sports games, board games, and more.

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