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News has reached MAW that Lotame, a leading independent data management platform (DMP) has teamed up with Are You a Human, a firm that helps websites verify that they are addressing real humans before serving content, services, or ads.

Are You a Human, with offices in Detroit and New York, analyzes hundreds of millions of interactions each day across millions of websites to verify real human users and eliminate bots.

The goal of this exclusive partnership between Lotame and Are You a Human is to move quickly and deftly in identifying non-human traffic and ensuring bot-free audiences.

“Lotame is going all-in on our promise to offer quality data with this partnership,” said Andy Monfried, the CEO and founder of Lotame. “We are substantially increasing the quality of our data, condensing it and removing what offers no value.”

In fact, over the last six months, Lotame and Are You a Human have been working together to address the ad fraud issue — estimated to potentially cost advertisers $7.2 billion in 2017.

“The integration of Lotame data and Are You a Human’s technology means marketers will be able to remove bots from their target audience lists before a campaign begins — not just estimate bot activity post-campaign,” according to the official word shared.

That’s a critical need. Distil Networks found that in 2016, bots accounted for roughly 40 percent of internet traffic. Moreover, 94 percent of websites were hit with bad bots that skewed marketing analytics. Bot traffic creates negative outcomes across the digital ecosystem. For publishers, bots pick up and inflate first-party audience data, resulting in wasted bandwidth, content piracy, fake traffic and skewed site analytics.

“Unlike the many companies who won’t acknowledge bot traffic as a legitimate problem, Lotame instead saw an opportunity to address it head-on. By eliminating bot activity from 1st and 3rd party data sets, they are fixing the problem at the source, before audiences get analyzed, forecasted and targeted,” said Ben Trenda, CEO of Are You a Human.

The benefits of the partnership are now available on Lotame’s platform.

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