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MRC Releases Mobile Viewable Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines“The baseline metric for pricing and measuring digital advertising—the served impression—has shaped digital media for more than two decades,” according to eMarketer, but its heyday has probably come and gone.

That’s the conclusion of a new eMarketer report entitled “Attention and Engagement Metrics: Going Beyond the Impression” that the ever-decreasing CPMs for display ads meant that publishers had to achieve massive scale to deliver enough impressions to make money from digital.

The result? A sea of clickbait, slideshows, unskippable pre-roll video ads, and spurious content that was long on come-ons, but low in quality.

“The CPM model that has valued consumer time is at such a low rate that people are being bombarded with ads all the time,” resulting in the rise of ad blocking and people opting to pay a premium for ad-free experiences, according to David Levy, co-founder and COO of digital video ad tech provider true[X].

The important questions have always been: How many real, live humans were on the other side of all those impressions being served? And were the ads being served on-screen long enough for anyone to actually take notice?

Hence, the new push for a view ability focus.

To learn more, check out the eMarketer report here.

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