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Better Mobile Messages: Android Commits to RCS for SMS MessagingMobile messaging is something we can’t live without among today’s most modern conveniences. And now, plenty of players across the Android ecosystem will soon be able to count on greater convenience as well.

“Mobile messaging has never been more central to people’s lives, and there is an incredible amount of innovation happening with chat applications across the mobile ecosystem,” notes a recent Android blog post .

That’s definitely true. And Android options for SMS are about to get better.

Google is now onboard with Rich Communications Services (RCS) — the new gold standard for carrier messaging offering features that “people now expect from mobile messaging, such as group chats, high res photos, and more.”

Google is partnering with mobile operators, device makers, and the rest of the Android ecosystem to support RCS standards and help accelerate their deployment as soon as possible.

“As part of this commitment, we’re also very excited to announce that the Jibe Mobile team is joining Google to help us bring RCS to a global audience,” says Mike Dodd, Android RCS Software Engineer and Minister of Messaging. “Jibe is a leading provider of RCS services and they’ll continue helping carriers easily deploy RCS to their users. We can’t wait to work with them and build on the great work that they’ve already done.”

Dodd says that deploying RCS to create an even better messaging experience on Android “will take time and collaboration throughout the wireless industry,” but he and his team say they are “excited to get started.”

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