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Better Audience Targeting and Measurement Goal of Cision, LiveRamp PartnershipCision and LiveRamp are building a partnership designed to “fundamentally shifts the analytics, targeting, and attribution that communicators are able to apply to earned media and communications.”

LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, is a respected provider of omnichannel identity resolution services known as IdentityLink. This will be combined with the Cision Communications Cloud (including the Cision ID) so that communications and marketing professionals will be able to identify the audiences that are digesting earned media.

This ability helps those professionals analyze key audience insights — whether consumer or business —  as well as critical behavioral, sentiment, and intent data.

“This data will give organizations a clearer picture of the net measurable business impact of their earned media activities, while also allowing communicators to adapt strategies based on insights,” reads the official word provided to MAW. “Together, these capabilities help communicators deliver more relevant and higher quality experiences for audiences.”

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink solution allows marketers to create an omnichannel view of the consumer, resolving first-, second-, and third-party data.

“Earned media, including marketing communications and core PR, suffer from a lack of adequate measurement, as brands are unable to accurately capture who is viewing their content and their behaviors after they view it,” said Cision CEO Kevin Akeroyd.

“As a leader in influencer identification, relevant content distribution to those influencers, and measurement of the impact on their followers and consumers, Cision is committed to providing data-driven insights to support communication strategies and properly attribute value to these mission-critical components of the marketing mix,” he added.

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