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Bet Your Bottom Dollar Money Increasingly Mobile, As WePay Adds Google's InstantBuy API to Its PlatformWill there be such a thing as cash money in the future?

Who will need it, as digital dough transfer options for consumers spring up by the day.

Now, WePay has announced it will integrate Google’s InstantBuy API into its own mobile payment platform. The long-term plan? “To encourage more people to make payments from their mobile devices,” according to WePay.

“WePay provides the backend payment processing platform used by the likes of, Constant Contact, FreshBooks, GoFundMe, and Meetup,” says Eric Zeman at Programmable Web. “None of these companies offer their own customers the ability to use Google Wallet. By adding Google’s InstantBuy API to its platform, WePay’s customers can accept Google Wallet within their own mobile applications and/or web sites without doing the integration work themselves.”

Consumers like Google’s InstantBuy API, which lets users make purchases with a mere two clicks and doesn’t require them to share private payment data with any third-parties when they make online purchases.

“Mobile devices account for 60 percent of Internet traffic, but less than 20 percent of online transactions,” said a WePay staffer on their blog. “Why? Because entering your credit card info into a mobile device sucks, so people don’t usually do it, or they abandon the process halfway through. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for any online platform to take advantage of mobile wallet technologies, no matter what those technologies are.”

WePay saddled up to Google because its Android platform is the most globally popular. Millions of Android smartphones come with built-in support for Google Wallet.

“Apple Pay, available to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, has seen widespread adoption since its debut in October,” added Zeman. “Softcard (formerly Isis) has seen an uptick in usage, as well. WePay would do well to partner with either. Some reports suggest Google is on the verge of buying Softcard, but no deals have been announced just yet.”

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