Native Mobile Advertising
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Banner ads may soon be the latest victim of the move to better mobile formats and the growing use of video. Mobile users aren’t big fans of traditional display ads — and banner ads are considered the worst of the lot.

Pity the poor Asia-Pacific in this case. Digital advertisers there know that banner ads account for the vast majority of mobile ads served to users.

That data comes from mobile analytics company Vpon, which has revealed that more than three-quarters (77 percent) of the mobile advertising it tracked on its network in 2016 in Asia-Pacific was banner advertising.

“Native ads accounted for the second largest chunk, at 11 percent, followed closely by interstitials (10 percent),” reports eMarketer. “Video ads made up only 2 percent of mobile ads tracked by Vpon during the last half of 2016.”

Though mobile is already the medium through which the majority of digital advertising flows in the region (64.2 percent of all digital ad spending in Asia-Pacific in 2017), ad blocking is the main barrier against change.

“According to PageFair, 94 percent of global mobile ad blocking usage occurred in Asia-Pacific in 2016, thanks largely to partnerships forged between smartphone manufacturers and browser developers,” explains eMarketer. “Many smartphones in the region ship with ad blocking software preinstalled as a result.”

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