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Attitudes Mixed About Ads on Millennial Go-To Sites Instagram and SnapchatTo reach millennials, more and more marketers turn to Snapchat and Instagram. But while the sites attract the right demographic, the young people are a tough audience, often “unimpressed by ads on these platforms.” And in fact, about 35 percent say they don’t even see them.

Unlike the Facebook audience which skews older, teens and millennials represent 84 percent of Snapchat’s 58.6 million U.S. users in 2016 and about 67.4 percent of Instagram’s 67.2 million U.S. fans.

“Both social networks also have highly engaged audiences who access them frequently,” reads a new report from eMarketer. “A June 2016 survey of 13- to 17-year-olds from UBS Evidence Lab found that 63 percent of teens use Snapchat daily, while 58 percent use Instagram at least once per day. About half of 18- to 34-year-olds use Instagram daily, while 41 percent use Snapchat each day.”

The lingering issue? This young audience is fairly neutral when it comes to the advertising on the popular sites.

Research from Adweek showed that 40 percent of respondents said ads they view on Snapchat and Instagram are “neutral” or “OK” and a third admitted they rarely notice the ads on Snapchat and Instagram.

And some users have stronger negative reactions.

“Snapchat and Instagram ads were both ‘liked’ or ‘loved’ by about 10 percent of teens and millennials, though unfortunately for Snapchat, 28.4 percent of teen and millennial users said they ‘hated’ the ads seen on the platform, versus only 20.0 percent who said the same of Instagram ads.”

Though Snapchat ads are more widely dissed, the social platform has an edge over Instagram.

“Approximately 64 percent of teen and millennials said Snapchat is “cooler” than Instagram and 67.3 percent agreed that Snapchat has better features,” reports eMarketer. “However, when respondents were asked to choose one app out of the two, Snapchat and Instagram fared equally.”

For additional insights, check out the eMarketer report here.

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