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AT&T AdWorks, Opera Mediaworks Launch Cross-Screen Ad TrialAT&T AdWorks wants to give a trial run to an integrated addressable advertising campaign across TV and mobile devices.

The trial is designed to allow advertisers to reach the same consumers with the same message across multiple screens. The test run will be managed by AT&T AdWorks, the leader in addressable TV advertising, and Opera Mediaworks, one of the world’s largest mobile ad platforms.

“Advertisers in this trial can engage consumers with an ad on TV and extend the ad experience to mobile devices,” explained OperaMediaworks in a statement emailed to MAW. “The mobile ad will serve up relevant content to users, and offer actions that a consumer can take like the ability to click-to-call, adding an event to a calendar or receiving relevant coupons.”

The new ad product reportedly will also measure engagement with the advertising as indicated by visits to retail locations, coupon redemptions, and in-person or digital purchases.

“AT&T AdWorks’ ability to deliver household-specific TV advertising based on interests and demographics to a rapidly growing base of more than 12 million households, combined with Opera Mediaworks’ mobile advertising, will be a game-changer for advertisers and consumers,” said Rick Welday, president, AT&T AdWorks. “This trial capability makes it possible for advertisers and their agencies to deliver the same message to consumers on their TV and mobile devices while creating end-to-end campaign measurement.”

AT&T AdWorks can combine AT&T’s ability to deliver household specific ads to more than 12 million households, the largest addressable advertising platform, with Opera Mediaworks’ cross-carrier mobile technology.

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